Castaldo Golden River

The Wax Injection Poblem Solver!

Want to Make your Favorite Injection Wax FLOW

Golden River™ wax additive makes jewelry injection waxes flow like water.

And there is no need to change waxes or clean out your wax pot with all the work, mess and delay that it causes.

Just add a handful or two of Golden River wax additive to your current pot and see the improved flow almost immediately. Later you can add more of your original wax to return to normal conditions.

Available in convenient flake form, packaged in plastic bags containing 2 Kg. (4.4 lbs.) each.

Wax pattern WITH Golden River™ Wax Additive

Wax pattern WITHOUT Golden River™ Wax Additive

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Golden River® (באנגלית) GHS EUGHS


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