Castaldo Quick Sil может быть использован для Литье по выплавляемым моделям, а также может быть использован для прямого литья низкотемпературных металлов, таких как олово, олово и т.д. до 650 ˚ F / 345 ˚ C.

Quick Sil доступна в 100 g./3.5 унцию. Комплекты, 1.0 фунта kg./2.2 наборы и 5,0 kg./11.0 комплекты фунтов. В комплект входит равное количество частей A и B.

Использование QuickSil с металлической глины


Castaldo QuickSil® is a two-part putty that is mixed by hand, not a liquid rubber, making it ideal for users without a vulcanizer or a vacuum pump. It cures to a strong rubber mold in only 15 minutes at room temperatures. Only slight pressure is needed to form the mold and drive out air bubbles. Bench vises, book presses and even C-clamps can be used with good results.

It requires no careful measuring and no messy liquids. And it can be used for direct casting of low-temperature metals such as pewter, lead, tin for making toy soldiers, chessmen, fantasy figures, fishing lures and similar items.

It is ideal for use with metal clay, too. Either make a clay model and reproduce it 100’s of times using a QuickSil mold, or mold an object in QuickSil and then reproduce it in metal clay.

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