Castaldo® Mold Cream ™makes powder separation molds even easier!

® Mold Cream™ is a lotion, not a messy powder. It is more
effective at separating a mold into two halves than the use of surgical knives or dusting powder.

® Mold Cream™ Is easy for beginners to use and ideal for simple molds.

To use Castaldo
® Mold Cream™, spread a small amount on both surfaces of the mold with a finger or simple tool and then vulcanize normally.

After vulcanization, the mold can be pulled open by hand without cutting.

Castaldo® Mold Cream™ is safe, non-toxic and non hazardous.

® Mold Cream™ is sold in a plastic tin containing 1oz./28g. Complete instructions come packaged with each tin.

® Mold Cream™ can beused with White Label® ,Gold Label® and No Shrink Pink® natural rubber compounds and Econosil® and Super High Strength™ vulcanizing silicone rubber compounds.

Mold Cream® (ในİngilizce) GHS EUGHS


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